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 Please include the code with each phrase when ordering.

  • 19A-Best Friends forever
    19B-Im lucky to have you as a friend
    19C-Our friendship means so much to me
    22B-Out with the old,In with the new
  • 16A-United We Stand
    16B-Remembering Those who served
    16D-Welcome Home soldier
    24D-We are the champions

  • 7B-DAD’s the greatest
    7C-Super Mom
    10C-I Love You Grandpa
    10D-I love you Grandma
    11A-Beloved Wife
    11B-Beloved Wife & Mother
    10A-Beloved Grandmother
    10B-Beloved Grandfather
    11C-Beloved Wife, Mother & Grandmother
    11D-Beloved husband
    15A-Beloved Son
    15B-Beloved Daughter
    15C-Beloved mother
    15D-Beloved father
    16C-We love our troops
    20A-I Love you Mom
    20B-I love you Dad
    20C-We love you mom
    20D-We love you Dad
    6A-To Someone Special


  • 5A-Congrates on the new addition
    5B-It’s a Boy!
    5C-It’s a Girl!
    6B-Happy Anniversary
    17A-Happy Birthday
    1B Just because
  • 4B-In loving memory
    4C-With deepest Sympathy
    4D-I’m sorry
    8A-You will be missed
    8C-Sorry for your loss
  • 24A-Break a leg
    24B-Take me out to the ball game
    24C-#1 BOSS
    25A-To have and to hold
    25B-From this day forward
    25C-Will You Marry Me?
    25D-Will You Go to Prom with me?
    8B-Until we meet again
    9A-Good Job
    17B-Over the Hill
    17C-Sweet Memories
    17D-Sweet 16
    18A-I m here for you
    18B-Best wishes for a speedy recovery
    18C-Our thoughts are with you
    18D-Get Well Soon
    9B-Good Luck
    9C-Congrats Grad!
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