Florist’s Favourite Summer Flowers

Our Favourite Summer Flowers

At Brant Florist we have lots of favourites but today we wanted to share with you our summer flower favourites. There are so many reason why we give the gift of flowers. But no matter what the reason we can all agree that they can bring joy to someone. With that being said, here are our summer favourites.

Colour Splash Time
Colour Splash TimeColour Splash Time

This stunning flower arrangement is a mix of yellow, pink, orange and green floral blossoms. And they’re arranged in a modern glass vase. These flowers will pop and spread their cheer to everyone who sees them. Make sure you order them today.

Shining Sunflowers
Shining SunflowersShining Sunflowers

Sunflower season is the best and what a better way to celebrate. Order these absolutely gorgeous sunflowers with their bright coloured petals and arranged in a beautiful glass vase. They’re waiting for you at Brant Florist and we can’t want to send them to you.

Art Glass Garden Bouquet
Art Glass Garden BouquetArt Glass Garden Bouquet

We can’t get over how beautiful the Art Glass Garden Bouquet is. Arranged in an aqua blue glass vase and with a lavender bouquet of roses, tulips and more. This one will be a show stopper in any room or office. Hurry and order it now, you can online at anytime.

Burgundy Blush Vase
Burgundy Blush VaseBurgundy Blush Vase

You have to now check out the Burgundy Blush Vase arrangement. With over half a dozen different varieties of flowers for you to enjoy. And a mix of wine-hued blossoms such as roses, asiatic lilies and more. And arranged in a lovely glass vase, they’re waiting for you to order them now.

Pure Grace Bouquet
Pure Grace BouquetPure Grace Bouquet

Brilliant white blossoms and rich greens arranged in this wonderful ivory ceramic vase. The Pure Grace Bouquet is a lovely addition to your room, any room really. You can order this online and have it send as a gift or treat yourself.

Bright Smiles
Bright SmilesBright Smiles

Send someone you love a bouquet that will surely bring a bright smile to their face. The Bright Smiles bouquet is a brilliant array of roses, lilies and other favourites. Beautifully arranged in a sparkling clear glass cylinder vase.

Design Your Own Custom Flower Arrangement

Why not design your own custom flower arrangement? You can be the artist and choose from a variety of flowers and greens. Creating something that is unique and special. This could be for a special occasion or just for fun. You can design your custom flower arrangement online at anytime.

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